IT Survival Guide for Staff

This web page highlights the most common and essential ITSC related services that a staff/faculty may need for your work/teaching in the University.  This serves as a clear and concise catalog of essential IT services for quick and easy reference.  We think this will be handy for our staff/faculty, especially for those who are newly on board. 

For details of all other ITSC services not listed here, please refer to our “Service Catalog” in our ITSC web page, or refer to the “A-Z Service Guide” link in the portal web page.

ITSC Network Account

ITSC provides a wide range of central computing services, including access to the campus network, email, teaching tools, and many others.  To use these computing services, a valid ITSC Network Account is required. 


The Staff Intranet provides you a one-stop shop website to frequently accessed websites and applications offered from various departments and offices on campus.

Other common links for staff users can also be accessed via:

Network Access

W-Fi services are provided on campus, for our users to provide Internet access for their mobile devices through our eduroam service: 

Wired network service is provided on campus, for users to provide Internet access for their computer devices through the Campus Wired Network.  
Telephone Services

Telephone Services are provided to faculty and staff on campus office areas, users would access Web Pages of "Telephone/Fax" to get the instructions on: 

Work From Home 

Productivity & Collaboration Tools (Office 365)
Office 365 is a line of cloud-based productivity and collaboration applications that integrates traditional Microsoft Office suite of applications into a cloud service and also adds Microsoft Teams as a new platform for communication and collaboration. 
Classroom & Online Teaching
  • Secure Remote Access (VPN)
  • Azure Information Protection (AIP)
    • Inadvertent data leakage can be prevented by applying AIP data protection.
  • Email Scams
    • Cyber criminals intensify their attack by leveraging the current atmosphere of reduced social interactions. They use email scams to trick you for monetary gain. Be vigilant.
  • Personal Data Privacy
    • Always be vigilant about protecting personal data.  Review the university policy here.
Computing Need
Getting Help
ITSC provides various forms of support: