Virtual Barn

Allow student to quickly access computer barn software and all printers from anywhere at anytime using their own devices. Also there are virtual barn workstations installed around the campus area for student to access computer barn software or manage the HKUST card.


  • 2FA will be required for login to the virtual barn.
  • VPN is not required for the virtual barn.
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Virtual Barn Workstation Locations

You can use your own machine to access virtual barn, access it from all computer barn's PC or find any one of the virtual barn workstations around the campus to access it.

Virtual Barn Workstation Location No. of workstations available
Student Lounge near StarBucks 11
Outside LT-J self-study area (2/F) 14
Outside Barn A/B/C respectively 1/2/1
Near LT-A/B/D/E Respectively 1/1/7/1
UGHall1 G/F Common room
UGHall2 1/F Common room 1
UGHall3 1/F Common Room 1
UGHall6 G/F Lift Lobby 1
UGHall7 1/F Rm101 1
G/F Lift Lobby of UGHall 8/9 Respectively 1/1
PGHall2 G/F Lift Lobby 1
LG3 Opposite to SAO Amenities Counter  2
LG5 SU Corridor ( under decoration ) 0
ITSC Service Desk  1
Computer Barn A - general area 12
LSK G/F and 1/F 39


Virtual Barn Workstation 2FA login procedure: