Guidelines and Tips on USB Drives

Loss of unencrypted USB drives is one of the top causes of data leaks. To reduce the chance of sensitive information leaks, please adhere to the following ITSC guidelines:

  • Avoid storing University data on a USB drive, especially any personal identity material, unless strictly necessary. Consider accessing the data remotely (through the web, email or remote desktop connection) if you are working at home or are on the move.
  • Use data encryption when storing sensitive data on a USB drive. Do not only rely on the “secure” USB drives in the market, unless you are confident about their encryption. You can easily turn an ordinary USB drive into a secure storage device using free software. ITSC recommends Bitlocker To Go to encrypt your drive. It is user-friendly, support industrial standard encryption methods and are free.  PC.

Bitlocker To Go
See this quick setup guide for how to enable Bitlocker To Go in your Windows PC.