A/V Equipment Loan

ITSC maintains a wide range of A/V equipment (e.g. Wireless Mics, handheld pointers…) that are commonly required by staff members for teaching, seminar or university official events. Staff members may reserve or check out these A/V equipment at ITSC Service Desk.


There are two kinds of loan available:

  • Daily: The maximum loan period is seven days. Borrowers could extend the loan for another seven days if no one has reserved the same items.
  • Long term: For activities that will frequently require the particular equipment over a period of time. Loans exceeding seven days will be regarded as long term.
Available To
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Getting Started

Items reserved will be held for one working day.

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Reminder to borrowers

  • Audio-visual items are loaned out solely for teaching or research purposes unless otherwise specified by the borrower and approved by the Audio-Visual Head or DITSC. No unauthorized use is permitted.
  • Those who request, borrow, or use loan items are jointly and severally liable to be charged for the loss or damage to the items while on loan to them.
  • ITSC reserves the right to call back, in part or in full, items on loan whenever necessary.