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ITSC provides printing facilities to students in most of the areas on campus. These areas include multiple places on Main Campus, CYT, LSK, Hall and Computer Barns. 

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Starting from the Fall 2021, a new charging scheme for printing has been adopted.  This initiative aims to encourage sustainable printing by using both sides of the paper instead of one side, and therefore saving some trees.  The scheme adopts a ladder charging concept, that is, the more you print, the higher rate you pay.

In general, each student is given a zero-value "carbon count" at the beginning of each academic year.  The carbon count will increase with the use of printing. After the carbon count exceeds 150, printing will be charged accordingly to defined rates. Please see FAQ and Your Print Budget for more information. 

The number of carbon units required for printing a one-sided page is the same as for printing a double-sided page.  Therefore, it is more environmentally friendly and economical for students to print double-sided jobs and this is the default setting.  The following tables illustrate how the scheme works after carbon count reaches over 150 units:


  Print to A4 Paper Print to A3 Paper
Carbon Count Black & White Color Black & White Color
1-150 $0.0 $0.0 $0.0 $0.0
151 - 300 $0.4 $1.2 $0.8 $2.4
301 - 450 $0.6 $1.8 $1.2 $3.6
451 - Onwards $0.8 $2.4 $1.6 $4.8


Print in: Page  Double-sided? Number of Carbon Count Required
A4 Black & White 1 Y 1
A4 Color 1 Y 3
A3 Black & White 1 Y 2
A3 Color 1 Y 6
A4 Black & White 2 Y 1
A4 Black & White 2 N 2


You may refer to the FAQ for further information of the scheme.

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