Mic4Me - Personal Wireless Microphone for Teaching

Mic4Me is a new generation of Teaching wireless microphone system in HKUST. It enables our teaching colleagues to use their assigned personal wireless microphone in virtually all central classrooms.


ITSC has adopted a new digital wireless microphone service - Mic4Me in classrooms. This service has been under pilot test since 2018 by some teaching colleagues and it have received great success. It is now widely using in major classrooms with two or more projectors as well as lecture theatres.

Mic4Me uses digital technology provide quite a good sound quality. The digital technology behind makes it less subject to interference and support more channels than traditional analog wireless microphones. Each of these microphone is powered by rechargeable lithium battery, which can be recharged simply with an USB connection, and is much more environment friendly than our conventional analogy wireless microphone that uses single used AA batteries. The most important is each of these new wireless microphones can virtually be used in any central managed classrooms and Lecture Theatres with a simple pairing action, without the limitation of matching frequency channels as before. 

Starting in September 2021, every Lecture Theater supports a total of ten units of Mic4Me in the same event. Users can individually adjust the volume level of each individual microphones from our AV System Touch Panels on the lectern, giving the hosting party a comprehensive control of the audio details in their events. This should greatly simplify the Event Host when arranging forums and panel discussion events.

Available To
Teaching Staff
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Service Hours

Whenver there is class or event

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  • The Mic4Me LINK Station on the lectern contains two docks where each dock can connect ONE Mic4Me at a time. The last Mic4Me connects to a dock releases and replaces the connection of the previous Mic4Me.
  • Please be reminded to charge the Mic4Me fully before using it for lengthy lectures/events.
  • Mic4Me produces a beep sound alarm at charging or losing communication with LINK Station. To stop the alarm, just switch OFF the Mic4Me.
  • Mic4Me equips with a built-in microphone. You can unplug its external mic and use it as a wireless handheld.
  • In case of any problem/question, please call the ITSC Service Desk at extension 6200 for help.