IT Training for Student

With the rapid growth of IT and digital devices technology, one may wonder what handy tools are available to help with the daily operation in office.  IT training and development for all HKUST Student have become an essential need to broaden staff IT knowledge, as well as to master skills that could help increase efficiency and productively in their office role.


The programme is target to develop IT skills and raise IT awareness of all HKUST Student through series of classroom workshops, as well as enabling them to increase adoption and make wise-use of IT tools and gadgets. 


What to be Offered

A series of training, from elementary to advanced level, would be offered. The training areas would include:

  • Microsoft 365
  • Cybersecurity Knowledge
  • AI


Past Training Resources


Course Schedule

2024 (Completed)

Course Date Conducted By
Introductory Briefing on NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD 11 January NVIDIA
Deep-Dive Briefing on NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD 16 January NVIDIA
HKUST SuperPOD Introduction and Demo (Class 1)

30 January



2023 (Completed)

Course Date Conducted By
HPC Training for HKUST Researchers 30 June ITSC
Introduction to Generative AI & ChatGPT (STU-101) July, August, September Microsoft & ITSC
Prompt Engineering & Advanced ChatGPT Use Cases (STU-102) July, August, September Microsoft & ITSC
HKUST Student Orientation Program 29 & 30 August ITSC


For enquiries, please send an email to us.