Software Installation using Virtual Desktop

ITSC provides a set of core applications on the teaching venue PCs to address teaching and presentation needs. However, if the software you need is not readily installed, you may consider to have your own Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for Teaching (VDIT). This enables you to install your own software and to customize your own desktop, as well as access to your personalized desktop at any time and from anywhere.


The benefits of the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for Teaching (VDIT) are many:

  • Only a set of core application software is needed to install in the PCs in the teaching venues. This allows these PCs to run faster and more stable.
  • A VDIT could be custom-made and personalized for individual teachers. Specific software is installed in this VDIT only when needed.
  • Faculty can access their own VDIT anytime from home or office for doing teaching preparations
  • The VDIT can be access through multiple computer platforms and tablets.
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