Web Hosting

Three web hosting platforms are available at HKUST. Users may check Web Hosting Overview for a detailed comparison to choose the right platform.  In summary:

  1. HKUST Drupal Platform
    Enables users to maintain websites with minimal technical expertise. It offers design flexibility, responsive themes, CAS integration and richer functionality through Drupal which is a very popular content-management platform.
  2. HKUST iHost Service
    Shared LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) platform for project website and web application which requires higher design flexibility but also a technical expertise to maintain.
  3. Virtual Server Hosting
    Provides full control of virtual server to run the web application which allows the highest flexibility. This is suitable for complex website development but will require high technical expertise to maintain and a nominal hosting fee is charged.

To standardize the branding of Affliated HKUST websites, Global Engagement and Communications Office (GECO) has published the HKUST Website Guidelines which govern the look and feel of a website to make it more HKUST cohesive. The University has developed a site template, named as HKUST Drupal Platform, which incorporated all mandatory functions and features based on this guideline but still enjoyed the freedom of website design layout, graphics and multimedia. If you are not sure whether your website falls under the categories of Affiliated Websites, please check the HKUST Website Guidelines. For enquiries related to your School’s/Office’s/Unit’s/Department’s website or Brand Guidelines, please email to brand@ust.hk, Global Engagement and Communications Office (GECO) for assistance.

For websites falling outside the Affilated Website categories, departments/offices may still consider to adopt HKUST Drupal Platform, or apply the HKUST iHost service to host websites or web applications. In case the HKUST Drupal platform and iHost do not fulfill your requirements (e.g. need storing of high-risk data) , you may consider the Virtual Server Hosting.

Available To
Staff (through Cybersecurity Coordinators)
Service Fee

Depends on the chosen platform

Service Hours