Using Microsoft Teams for Video Meeting
Getting Started

You can easily invite people to join a meeting if you have a Windows (preferable notebook with microphone and video cam) or mobile device (phone or iPad) installed with Microsoft Teams (available in app store). For mobile devices, please remember to allow access to voice and video in the settings during the meeting.

After signing in with your email address, you can schedule a meeting:

To start a meeting, the following are recommended:

  • Pre-requisite: Mobile phone or Tablet, preferably with headset (wired or hands free)
  • Join by accessing the URL in the meeting invitation.  
  • For best audio quality, please use headset.  And if possible, use Wi-Fi rather than mobile data network.

Plesae also read Guidelines for Recording Online Meeting before your records any online meeting.

You may also refer to Microsoft's web page for more information: