Guidelines for Recording Online Meeting

Meeting online allows us to maintain social distancing and enable communication during work-from-home situations.  However, some meeting participants may have privacy concern if the meeting is being recorded. This guideline specifies the pre-cautions that we should take note. 

The meeting host has the responsibility to manage and protect the recordings.  He or she should observe the following. 

  • Evaluate carefully if recording is really required.  There should be justifiable business reasons for taking the recording (e.g. facilitate preparation of meeting minutes, allow missing members to catch-up later).   
  • The recorded video file can become sensitive data and must be protected carefully. 
  • Notify participants before recording.
    • Why is the recording necessary? 
    • What will be included in the videos?   
    • Who will have access to the videos?   
    • How long will the videos be kept? 
    • Will the video be accessible to non-meeting participants? 
  • Obtain consent from participants before the recording. Allow participants to opt out. 

Data Privacy during meetings 

  • Participants can use a virtual background to hide or blur the surroundings if they are concerned about the visibility of their remote workspace. 
  • Be careful about showing potentially sensitive subjects and information – e.g. Faces and names of participants, contents or screen shared.