Protect My Account

Protecting the privacy of your ITSC Network Account is critical for both your personal life and your life at HKUST. Your account gives you access to authorized information on the HKUST network, so it should be private and protected.

Beware of Email Phishing

From time to time, you may receive messages that appear to come from “HKUST” or “ITSC” and ask for your username and password, or ask you to click on a link. These are fake messages and the link may be malicious. ITSC will never ask you for such information by email, phone or in person. No member of staff will ask for your password either. Never disclose your password to any third party.

If you do receive emails asking for sensitive account or personal information, don’t disclose these details. Report the message to ITSC immediately. For more information, visit Email Phishing and Social Engineering Attack

Keep Your ITSC Network Password Private

Never disclose your passwords to any third parties and do not save your password on shared computers.

Use a Secure Password

Select a secure password and change your ITSC Network Password periodically.

Visit the HKUST SSO Service

Use HKUST Certificates for Signed Email

Use Secure Remote Access