Personal Homepage

Want to let others to know more about you? You may use the Personal Homepage Service to create web pages with static and dynamic contents, to share your interests, experience, photos with your classmates or friends.

The personal homepage service has been revamped with enhanced security, dedicated site address, and it allows user to run PHP programs. The web address of your personal home page will be your account name suffixed by one of the following host name:

  • For Staff /Emeritus: <account name>
  • For Students: <account name>

For student societies, the new homepage will be the account name without the prefix, suffixed by one of the following host name:

  • For Student Societies: <account name without su_ prefix>
  • For Alumni Association: <account name without al_ prefix>

User will need to enable the homepage service explicitly if you want to use the service. Please note that all your personal web pages will be removed after you left the University, do remember to back up your web page before your ITSC Network Account expired.


  1. Maintenance Period
    The personal homepage server will be restarted at 6:05am in the morning in case there is any security updates on the system.
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Staff, Students
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