Analytics Tool - Tableau

Tableau is a visual analytics tool which provides a powerful way to explore and analyze the data. It facilitates people to understand more situations from massive data with different angles, in order to find unanticipated insights, develop solution faster, as well as predict a new behavior or trend.


Here are some of the use cases for Tableau: 

  • ITSC use Tableau to analysis the student printing across the whole campus area. When and where will be the most popular for student to print and the comparison across different years 
  • Tableau provides the workbook to help the users do his own analysis to understand the impact of COVID-19. (Reference: 
  • Using the Tableau platform, Healthcare company builds the dashboards for display detailed quality data and cost data for the entire hospital system. (Reference: 
  • Financial company uses Tableau to let the management for decisions making on a day-to-day basis. (Reference: 

Tableau Server at HKUST

  • ITSC has setup a centralized and secure Tableau server for staff to use, in order to use Tableau server, user will need subscribe one of the following licenses. 

Tableau License 

  • Tableau Creator (Includes: Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep Builder. and one Creator license of Tableau Server or Tableau Online): Official price USD70/user/month billed annually 
  • Tableau Explorer (Includes: one Explorer license of Tableau Server): Official price USD35/user/month billed annually min. 5 Explorers required 
  • Tableau Viewer (Includes: one Viewer license of Tableau Server): Official price USD12/user/month billed annually min. 100 Viewers required 
Please refer to the detail pricing of Tableau here: Some discount will be available for HKUST users. 

License Subscription Procedure and Contact 

  • Contact Tableau’s account executive: Rebecca Zhang ( and specify the number of above licenses is required for a quotation. Note: all licenses will end on 26-Mar in each year and the quotation should be a pro-rata based on the start-date 
  • Issue DPO or eREQ for the license to Tableau 
  • After receiving the license key(s), please send it to with the subject “Tableau License” together with the admin contact and the ITSC login name for assigning the license 

Training and Resources 

  • Tableau provides a series of free online training videos for the user to learn how to get started with data sets and build personal inactive visualizations. Please refer to the training videos here:


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