Smart Campus Infrastructure

The HKUST Sustainable Smart Campus as a Living Lab (SSC) is an effort to transform our campus into one where the campus itself is a platform for learning, experimenting and showcasing new ideas and approaches. To achieve this goal, ITSC has developed a set of IoT (Internet of Things) services that are available for students and researchers at the University to experiment with IoT devices, smart applications and real-time data analytics, and provides a robust and secure IoT platform.


When the IoT Devices (e.g. Temperature sensor) collect the IoT Data (e.g. temperature data), the IoT Devices will send the IoT data through IoT Communication Network (LoRaWAN Network, Campus Wifi Network or Campus Wired Network). The IoT Data then be stored in the Open Data Platform based on Elastic Stack for further data retrieve and analytics needs. Students and researchers can retrieve the IoT data through API Portal for analytics and data visualization using PowerBI.

ITSC has developed the Smart Campus Dashboard (Please use your ITSC Network Account to login) based on PowerBI to show the temperature and humidity data collected by the IoT sesnors around the HKUST campus.  

The Smart Campus Network Infrastructure is comprised of 4 layers Including Devices, Network & Connectivity, Open Data Platform and Applications as illustrated in diagram below:


Getting Started


 IoT (Internet of Things) Communication

HKUST provides three networks for connecting IoT Devices, those are LoRaWAN Network, Campus Wi-Fi Network and Campus Wired Network. Any HKUST staff member or student are eligible to use those ntework to connect IoT Devices for studying or researching. [For details...]

Open Data Platform

The Open Data Platform is based on Elastic Stack which is a group of open source products designed to help users take data from any type of sources and in any format; and search, analyze, as well as visualize that data in real time. [For details...]

API Gateway & API Portal

The HKUST API Portal is a centralized repository for departments to publish different application APIs and encourage the collaboration between different departments and developers to generate value from the open API platform.The API Portal is an online platform for HKUST community members to collaborate so as to develop the Sustainable Smart Campus initiatives backed by APIs. [For details...]

Smart Door System

The HKUST Smart Door Access Control System (SDACS) is a comprehensive initiative aimed at enhancing the security and functionality of our campus infrastructure.  In this project, the existing door panels within our school premises will be replaced with state-of-the-art Smart Door panels, integrating advanced technologies to provide a more efficient and secure access system. Through this initiative, we strive to improve access control, streamline operations, and ensure a safe and convenient environment for all members of HKUST Clear Water Bay campus.