Open Data Platform

The Open Data Platform is established as the secure central data repository for collecting and sharing data related to our smart campus. Based on technologies that are open and accessible in the public domain, the Open Data Platform serves different stakeholders (staff, faculty members, students, etc.) in the campus community who are interested in contributing to or making use of various smart campus data.

Examples of data feeding into the Open Data Platform include anonymous public Wi-Fi data, data about bus queues, sensor data (e.g. energy generation and consumption, CO2, temperature, humidity, etc.), and data produced by project teams.  These data are contributed by relevant units of the University as well as teams working on Sustainable Smart Campus initiatives.  We expect there will be more and more data available from different parties of the campus community.


The Open Data Platform is based on the Elastic Stack which is a group of open source products designed to help users take data from any type of sources and in any format; and search, analyze, as well as visualize that data in real time. Data security is ensured by the use of a combination of best-practices for user authentication, anonymization and masking, etc. The Elastic Stack supports authorization by users and roles.  It also supports multitenancy and granular access control.  In order to prevent snooping, tampering and sniffing, the data is encrypted with SSL/TLS in the network transmission.  The flexible design architecture of Elastic Stack will enable us to develop a flexible and highly scalable data platform.

The goal of the Open Data Platform includes:

  • make smart campus data easily accessible by staff and student
  • provide a centralized platform for data sharing and facilitating collaboration
  • improve the efficiency of campus services


Data available via API gateway :

Data Description Data Contributor
IoT Sensor Data IoT sensor data around campus such as CO2, temperature, humidity, ...etc ITSC, CMO, SCAN project team
Wi-Fi Data Anonymized public Wi-Fi data ITSC
Air quality Indoor and outdoor air quality index SCAN project team
People count People count on campus PULSE project team
Energy generation Energy generated from solar panel CMO
Energy consumption Energy consumed by campus CMO
Water consumption Water consumed by campus HSEO
Food waste Food waste collected from canteen HSEO
Recycling Trash and recycling amount HSEO
Bus Queue Bus queue of north and south gate CSE
Water fountains Number of water bottles saved, top 10 water fountain locations, water consumption of water fountains HSEO
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Getting Started
Feed data to the Open Data Platform

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Retrieve data from the Open Data Platform

Please refer to API Catalogue Portal for details of available data. You can retrieve data thru the API Gateway and API Portal .