Protect My Computer

Your security awareness and participation play an important role in securing the University’s IT environment.

Here are some highly recommended security practices for all users:

Keep Your System Up to Date

Do this by letting the default Windows Update settings install updates automatically. Using a supported version of Windows 10 or above will also improve security. For application software, enable self-update where available.

Ensure Firewall Is Enabled

With Windows, you can check the firewall status via the Security Center or Action Center.

Turn on Anti-virus 

ITSC recommends using the built-in Defender for Windows. Check here for details. You should also make sure that the latest virus signatures are used.

Only Install Necessary Applications

Limit your applications to those you need and remove software no longer in use to minimize areas that could be attacked.

Remain Alert

People are the weakest link in relation to a computer system. Think twice before clicking on an email or online page. Check here for more information on email security.

For queries or problems related to computer and network security, consult your departmental support staff or seek recommendations from ITSC at

Device management by Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune)

ITSC recommends all university owned computers used for administrative purpose to join this scheme.