IoT (Internet of Things) Communication

In supporting the Smart Campus initiative, different Network infrastructures are supporting by ITSC for connection of IoT Devices (e.g. Actuators and Sensors) that are used for the interaction with the environment, the gathering of measurements (e.g.temperature, humidity), and performing actions  (e.g., activate a light, ventilation control).


HKUST provides three networks for connecting IoT Devices, those are LoRaWAN Network, Campus Wi-Fi Network and Campus Wired Network. Any HKUST staff member or student are eligible to use those ntework to connect IoT Devices for studying or researching. For more information on how to connect the network, follow below links to know more in detail.

Getting Started




5G Network 

5G is the fifth generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks used in telecommunications.  ITSC is implementing an Indoor 5G services on campus.

Low-power, Long-range Wide Area Network

LoRaWAN (Low-power, Long-range Wide Area Network) communication technology that uses the unlicensed spectrum (in the H.K., the 923MHz band).  ITSC has installed multiple Indoor and Outdoor LoRaWAN Gateways to provide network coverage across whole Campus.

Campus Wi-Fi Network

Campus Wi-Fi Network provides a secure wireless environment on HKUST campus to HKUST staff and students. Any HKUST staff member or student brings in their mobile devices with authentication are eligible to use the Campus Wi-Fi Network.

Campus Wired Network

Campus Wired Network provides wired network connectivity mainly in office setting to staff and faculty members; also enable their systems to be easily reached by others using fixed IP or special domain name.