Classrooms - Audio & Video System

ITSC manages and supports the A/V Systems in Lecture Theaters & central Classrooms. 


The University has revamped all the classrooms with modern digital A/V systems. These systems can support modern notebook A/V connection with either HDMI or VGA connector. They can also support wireless presentation with Mac or iPad with modern AirPlay connections.

The classrooms revamp work was completed in the summer of 2018.  The follow link lists all the digital A/V classrooms managed by ITSC. 

Available To
Students, Teaching Staff
Service Fee


Service Hours

Whenever there is class or event

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List of Specific Equipment Available in Venues

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Please ensure you observe the Intellectual Property Ordinance when using audio-visual facilities.

  • Do not show materials that you know or have reason to believe infringes copyright
  • Obtain authorization from the copyright owner before showing any copyrighted materials