Printing FAQ
How much print budget do I have under the current print charging scheme?

Under the new print charging scheme, there is no prior assigned free print budget to you.  Instead, each student is allowed to use up to 150 units of carbon count for free in an academic year.  Carbon count being used beyond 150 units will be charged in a defined rates.  Deleted print jobs will not be charged if no page has been printed. Any printed page will be charged accordingly.

Can the unused Carbon Count units be carried forward to the next academic year?

No. In fact, there is no pre-given carbon count unit in your print account.  Your carbon count unit starts from zero at the beginning of an academic year and the count increases whenever you print.  The carbon count will be reset to zero when a new academic year starts regardless of how many carbon count units that you have used in the previous year. 

How to check my Current Carbon Count?

You can logon  with your ITSC account.  Click at the “Recent Print Jobs“ on the left panel and put your mouse pointer over a print job under "ATTRIBS.".  When more information about the print job appear, put your mouse over “Comment“.  Now you can see your prior Carbon Count and the cost of this job.

How to refund for problem printouts

If you receive poor quality printouts caused by the problem of a printer, the system or the application, you may seek for print budget refund from the ITSC General Office (Room 2021, Lift 2). Please bring along your student ID card and the bad printout. Refunds will be credited to your print budget and no cash refund will be made. Refund will NOT be given when the bad printout is a result of user's own negligence. For example:

  • Forgetting to log out so that someone else prints with your budget
  • Accidentally sending more than one copy to the printer
  • Formatting problems that are not caused by a system or application error

Remember that any printout sent accidentally to the printer may still be canceled in time. If you require assistance, you may contact the student consultants in the Computer Barns. You may use the print budget enquiry program to check your print job information, e.g. when did you send the print job, which print queue the job has been sent to, the type of document printed, and the amount of print budget deducted.

How can I print on both side of the page (duplex)?

You need to send your jobs to the print queues that support double-sided printing. All double-sided print queues are set to print in double-sided mode by default.

Do I get any alert when my carbon count reaches to a higher tier?

Yes, you will receive an email when your carbon count reaches to a higher tier.  

How can I get the status of a print queue?

Windows: Control Panel->Devices and Printers

How can I delete a print job?

Windows: Control Panel->Devices and Printers->Select job->Cancel

How to print a file with extension .DOC/.DOCX/.PPT/.PPTX/.XLS/.XLSX?

These are Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents respectively. They must be printed within the applications.

How to print a file with extension .JPG/.BMP/.GIF?

These are common graphics file formats. They can be viewed or printed on web browsers like Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Firefox on all platforms. On Unix systems, xv or xview can be used to view and print them. Under Windows, Paint can be used to handle .BMP files. There are more sophisticated tools like Photoshop for editing these graphics files.

How to print a file with extension .PDF?

The file is in Adobe Portable Format. It can be viewed and printed in Adobe Acrobat reader. The software is available on standard Windows, Unix and Mac environment.

How to print a file with extension .TEX/.DVI?

.TEX is TeX/LaTeX format file. First convert it using TeX or LaTeX to .DVI format.

.DVI files are device independent format files generated by TeX/LaTeX. Use dvi2ps or dvips to convert them to Postscript format. Finally submit the Postscript files directly to a print queue for printing.

Who can I seek help from if I encountered a printing issue

You may seek help from the on-duty Student Interns at any of the Computer Barns, or from the ITSC colleagues at the ITSC Service Desk (Room 2021, Lift 2) during office hours.