A/V Equipment Available for Long and Short Term Loan

The following lists the A/V Equipement items that are available at the ITSC Service Desk for daily or long term loan.  The list is for your reference only.  Some items in the list may become unavailable if they have already been reserved or checked out. 

Microphone & Stand Adaper & Cable Others
  Cable Mic   Adapter - DVI/HDMI    Digital Audio Cassette Recorder
  Stand - Speech   Adapter - DVI/VGA    DVD Player Blue Ray
  Stand for Mic. Floor   Adapter - Lightning/HDMI   DVD Player
  Stand for Mic. Table   Adapter - Lightning/SD Reader Adapter   DVD/VHS VCR Player
  Wireless Mic (Clip-on)   Adapter - Lightning/VGA   Flip-Chart Board
  Wireless Mic for Barn A (Clip-on)   Adapter - USB-C/HDMI Multiport Adapter   Laser Pointer
  Wireless Mic for CYT-LTL (Clip-on)   Adapter - USB-C/VGA Multiport Adapter   Metal Pointer
  Wireless Mic for CYT-LTL (Handheld)   Audio Cable Mini Jack   Mobile White Board 4'x3'
  Wireless Mic for IAS(Clip-on)   Dock/HMDI Adapter IPad/HDMI   Portable Sound System with Cassette Player
  Wireless Mic for IAS(Hand-held)   Dock/VGA Adapter IPad/VGA   Portable Sound System with CD Player
  Wireless Mic for LT ACEGK (Clip-on)   HDMI Cable   Portable Stand
  Wireless Mic for LT ACEGK (Handheld)   RCA Cable 2 to 1   Power Point Presenter with Laser Pointer
  Wireless Mic for LT BDFHJ (Clip-on)   USB Cable   PRS Handset (for Instructor)
  Wireless Mic for LT BDFHJ (Handheld)   VGA Cable   PRS Receiver (for Instructor)
  Wireless Mic for PA Box(Handheld)   VGA Extension Cable   Remote Control for Classrooms
  Wireless Mic/Barn C(Clip-on) TV, Projector & Screen   Remote Control for DVD Player
  Wireless Mic/H PA Box(Clip-on)   LCD TV 32"   Remote Control for LCD Projector
  Wireless Mic/K PA Box(Clip-on)   LCD TV 37"   Remote Control for VCR
  Wireless Mic/PA Box(Clip-on)   LCD Video Projector   Remote Control for Video TV
Digital Camera & Visualizer   LED TV 40"   Tripod
  Digital Camera   Screen - 6 feet   Tripod (Sony)
  Video Digital Camera      Trolley
  Visualizer     Video Cassette Player VHS


Available To
Service Fee


Getting Started
  • Reserved by telephone (ext. 6815)
  • Reserved in person at ITSC Service Desk, Rm 2021 (Lift 2)