Shared Library for Document Sharing

Benefits of using Microsoft 365 cloud storage (Shared Library) include:

  1. Ease of access supporting any web interface, mobile, and home computers without the need of VPN
  2. Better security including access protection by 2FA, strong anti-virus protection provided by M365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
  3. Abundant file protection features including autosave, 500 file versioning, 2 level recycle bin protection.
  4. Larger storage space up to 25TB 
Getting Started
  1. Create a Shared Library
    Currently ITSC do not enforce any naming convention of the Shared Library but you may consider putting a prefix with your department code and a meaningful name (e.g. ITSC-ProjectX, ECE-Support, etc.) to prevent naming collision and facilitate better collaboration with other users.

    Create a new Shared Library from your OneDrive web interface (you will become the Shared Library owner, you can add other owners if necessary). You will receive email with subject like You've joined the XXX group (where XXX is the name of your shared library) after 20 minutes. 

    After you received the notification email, you can access to your site by clicking Check it out under the section "Create content seamlessly". Select Documents in the left pane to upload or create your documents. 

    Your new library will be listed in the left pane of your OneDrive, or under the Followed section in More Places after a few hours and it may take up to 48 hours for the new shared library to appear. Please wait patiently.
  2. Add staff members to your Shared Library so that they can have R/W access (click Go to site on the upper right corner of the Shared Library screen and then click member to add more). They will receive email with subject You've joined the XXX group (where XXX is the name of your shared library). After they received the notification email, they can access to your site by clicking Check it out under the section "Create content seamlessly". Select Documents in the left pane to upload or create new documents. 
  3. In the Shared Library, Add Shortcut to My File for easy access from your OneDrive. See Add shortcuts to shared folders in OneDrive for work or school for more information.

    If you have sync your OneDrive to desktop, you can access the shared libraries using File Explorer under the Documents shortcuts:
  4. You can share folder / files to others including external guest users so that they can access to your shared folder / files.