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  • HKUST users can apply an ITSC Network Account here.
  • If you are alumni without or forgotten your / email account, you can retrieve your alumni account here.

Incorrect username or password?

For authentication via Azure AD (, please enter you Email Address and Password. Do not enter your email alias.


Please reset the password if you forgot your password.

Forgot password?

User must pre-register your external email contact before you can use the Forgot Password function. In case you cannot use this function, please bring your HKUST Card and visit our service desk at Rm 2021 Academic Building for password reset.

For project accounts, the account owner may send email request to

Problem access to web applications with your Email Address?

When you need to sign-in with a different account, you can involve New Private window with your web browser or switch accounts with browser profiles:

  • New Private window
    • Microsoft Edge - New InPrivate window (Ctrl+Shift+N
    • Google Chrome - New Incognito window (Ctrl+Shift+N)
    • Mozilla Firefox - New Private window (Ctrl+Shift+P)
    • Safari - New Private window (Shift+Cmd+N)
  • Account Switching - Sign in with different identity

Problem to authenticate 2FA?

In case you cannot access to your 2FA mobile device (e.g. no battery, lost your mobile, etc.), staff and students can get a 2FA Bypass Code in order to access 2FA protected applications:

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