Reset Telephone Web Portal Password and Voicemail PIN

In case you forget the Telephone Web Portal Password or Voicemail PIN, you can reset it via the Telephone Web Portal.

Reset the Telephone Web Portal Password
1. Connect to the URL:

2. Click the “Forgot Password?” link

3. The “Reset Login Password” window pops up. Type in the User ID (4-digit extension) and the email address registered during phone assignment. Click “Submit” to proceed.

4. A notice is shown and asks the user to check the mailbox.

5. The password-reset email is sent to the mailbox. Click the link in the email to launch the web browser.

6. The new password is shown in the new browser:

7. You can use the new password to logon the Telephone Web Portal. After that, you can change the Telephone Web Portal Password by clicking “Change Web Portal Password” (please refer to the section “Change Password and PIN”).

Reset the Voicemail PIN
1. To reset the Voicemail PIN, click “Change Voicemail PIN”.

2. Type in your new Voicemail PIN. Press “OK” when complete.