HKUST Hotspot Locations

This table indicates the hotspot locations of different Wi-Fi services at HKUST campus.

Locations Available Wi-Fi Services (by SSID)
eduroam Alumni Wi-Fi.HK via HKUST
Common Areas
Artificial Turf Soccer Pitch
BBQ Sites (except SSQ BBQ Site)
Chia-Wei Woo Academic Concourse
Entrance Piazza
Escalators from Atrium to LG5
Footbridge between UG1 and UG2
G/F Main Entry to S H Ho Sports Hall
Hong Kong Jockey Club Atrium
LG1031 Table Tennis Room
LG1 Open Area outside S H Ho Sports Hall
LG3 Terrace between Library and Lift 3
LG5 Footbridge to UG1
LG5 Open Area outside 7-Eleven
LG5 Students’ Union Area
LG7 Fountain Area
Li Dak Sum Yip Yio Chin Kenneth Li Conference Lodge Lobby
Lo Ka Chung University Center
North Gate Footbridge and Bus Stop
Open Auditorium (IAS)
South Gate Bus Stop
S H Ho Sports Hall
Student and Staff Clinics
Tsang Shiu Tim Sports Center
Tsang Shiu Tim Art Hall
3/F Walkway in front of Language Commons (Between Lifts 2 & 3)
Shaw Auditorium
Main Hall
Side Stage
Electronic Music Studio
Multi-purpose Rooms
Learning Rooms
Practice Rooms
Dressing Rooms
Catering Outlets
American Diner, Hungry Korean, Passion & Open Areas outside
(Academic Course near Lift 25-26)
China Garden (G/F)
Can.teen II (LG1)
Diners (Lee Shau Kee Business Building)
Ebeneezers (Lee Shau Kee Business Building)
HFT Life (Shaw Auditorium)
LG7 Kitchens
Mcdonald's & McCafé (LG5)
Pacific Coffee (Lee Shau Kee Business Building)
Starbucks Coffee (Atrium)
Seafront Cafeteria (UG Hall VI)
Subway (Cheng Yu Tung Building)
UniBistro & UniBar (Lo Ka Chung University Center)
UniQue (Conference Lodge)
Lee Shau Kee Library
Teaching Venues
Lecture Theaters
Central Classrooms
Computer Barns A, B and C
Office Areas
7/F Council Chamber & Meeting Rooms (Academic Building)
G/F-6/F, LG3-LG7 Office Areas (Academic Building)
Language Commons (Academic Building)
1/F-6/F Office Areas (CYT Building)
G/F-7/F Office Areas (LSK Business Building)
G/F-5/F Office Areas (IAS)
Laboratory Areas
Enterprise Center Laboratories
G/F-7/F Laboratories (Academic Building)
Ocean Research Facility (OCRF)
Aerodynamics & Acoustics Facility (AAF)
Car Park Areas
LG2-LG6 Covered Car Parks
Car Park next to IAS
Student Halls
Undergraduate Housing
(UG Hall I-IX, Jockey Club Hall)
Postgraduate Housing
(University Apartments, SKCC Hall, Jockey Club Global Graduate Tower)