Self-Manage Mailing Lists

A mailing list server based on Sympa, an open source mailing list manager, is available to provides a rich and secure web interface with advanced features including:

  • Discussion lists that allow any listed member to post
  • Announcement lists restricting postings to designated people only
  • Easy way for members to unsubscribe
  • Capability for list owners to change list settings
  • Management of bounce-back list members
  • Optional postings archives
Getting Started

You can sign in to the mailing list manager through your ITSC Network Account to apply for new mailing lists, administer your lists, and post new messages:

Mailing Lists Manager

You can apply for mailing lists based on the following templates:

List Template \ properties Who can send messages Who can subscribe Who can unsubscribe
For Discussion
All members
HKUST users only
Open, owner is notified
Information and Announcements
Owner and moderators only
Not possible (closed)
Not possible (closed)

If your application is approved, you will receive email notification the next working day. Those new to the mailing list system can refer to the Mailing Lists – Beginner’s Guide , which has further on discussion lists and information and announcement lists.

After your list has been created, you can edit its settings and manage subscribers. Just log into the mailing lists manager and select the button next to your list on the left of the screen. Most settings, including subject, visibility, who can send messages, who can subscribe, who can unsubscribe, etc, are configurable. Further details are available at Email Lists FAQ and or List Owner FAQ

Note: Mailing lists that are unused for more than 12 months are subject to removal. If a mailing list generates huge amounts of inappropriate mail or we receive complaints from a significant number of list members, ITSC will try to contact the list owner. We may temporarily disable a list if necessary.