Student User Accounts

An ITSC Network Account is automatically created for both undergraduates and postgraduates following registration with the Academic Registry (ARO).  Your account name will be created using your initials and surname, with the email address in the form of <account name>  The email account for students @Connect is based on Microsoft Office 365 cloud solution.  After graduation/course completion, you will be able to retain your @Connect email account for life, though other student-related network account services will be terminated when you leave the University.

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Getting Started
Account Activation

All students are expected to observe acceptable standards of behavior in using their network accounts. Please read the Acceptable Use Policy, Access to User Accounts Policy and Protect My Account carefully before activating your account.


Student Account Activation

Activation Guidelines:

  • Read the online information carefully, and then input your student ID and your Hong Kong ID card numbers in the data entry screen. If you do not have a Hong Kong ID card, click Date of Birth and select the date using a format of date, month and year.
  • Your account name, creation status, and personal particulars, such as Student ID, name, department and undergraduate/postgraduate status will then be displayed. .
  • If your account is created, you will be asked to assign a new password for your account. After assigning the password, you will be guided to register for two factor authentication (2FA) to your account to strengthen the protection. 
  • After a few minutes, you can start using network services and access @Connect – Students’ Lifetime Email Services at You may also visit the 'Related Tools' below to set email display name, or full name email alias that's available to postgraduate students.
  • Once your student account is ready, your contact information will appear in the University Communications Directory. Visit Set Up Contact Details for more information.

You may also want to visit webpage on @Connect (Students' lifetime email service) to configure your email settings, e.g. change display name and set up full name email alias (Postgraduates).

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Account Termination

A student network account will be terminated when the student leaves the University.  Upon successful completion of study, a grace period of four months will be granted.  An email notification will be sent to the student on the account expiry date. Students are urged to back up files they would like to retain or transfer them to other valid user accounts before termination.

Should you need to continue using your ITSC network services for academic purpose after course completion, please ask your academic supervisor to send an email to "", stating the period of extension and justification for the exten​ded usage.​


Graduates Alumni Accounts

Graduates can continue to use the lifelong @connect email address (i.e.  and Microsoft Office 365 services (including Office Online, OneDrive for Business). As the Office 365 apps. license has been revoked upon graduation, services entitlement is changed as follows:

  • If you have installed Office 365 apps, you can continue to use the reduced functionality mode (read only) or use Office Online for edit of Office documents.
  • Email quota will be reduced to 50GB. 


The Development & Alumni Office also provides other alumni services for HKUST graduates.

For more details and contact for help, please refer to the web page below: