X-GPU Cluster

X-GPU is the GPU cluster implemented and maintained by ITSC with funding supported by the RGC Collaborative Research Fund: C6021-19EF

It serves as a community cluster with the priority for CRF PI/co-Pi to use. The X-GPU platform utilize a large number of GPU processors to process computational jobs in parallel to solve different research needs. The objective of the centralized platform is to maximize the utilization and effectiveness of the cluster by providing the centralized support and maintenance of hardware, software, job queueing, user accounts and quota management.


The X-GPU cluster consists of 38 sets of GPU(each with 10*RTX-2080Ti or 10*RTX-6000) connected with Infinband at 100Gbps. The mixture of 2 different GPU hardware suit different computational research needs.

Applicable research areas

Same as HPC3 cluster

High Speed Research Network

Research & education (R&E) network

What’s New

  • 23-Oct 2020 - X-GPU Service Launch

System Infrastructure

Available To
All research teams (priority will be given to CRF PI/co-PI)
Service Fee


Service Hours