Storage system

The X-GPU provides 2 kinds of storage for different purposes.

  • Home directory for individual (smaller size but with backup)
  • Scratch directory (larger size with no backup)

Home directory

Each X-GPU user will have 100GB quota for the home directory /home/$user,  the file system is a basic NFS (Network File System) connected with the InfiniBand. This directory will arrange for daily nightly and user may put program code, important and result data that require better protection. 

Scratch directory

This directory is under /home/$user/xgpu-scratch and should be used to put i) project files for sharing among group members or ii) the source and internediate data for computation, quota will be allocated to PI group according to the allocation scheme and it will be shared for the whole PI group. Please note that this directory should not hold very important data since there is no data protection / backup in this directory as it span across different hard disks to achieve the high speed for computational use. You or other group members can create more folders for different projects and change the folder permission if needed.


  System Backups Default Quota Quota for 
/home/$user NFS Yes 100GB Individual user
/home/$user/xgpu-scratch  NFS No According to the allocation scheme  PI Group members

All of the above directories are accessible from the login and gpu nodes so you may arrange your storage preference from your program.


NFS file system architecture