HPC3 Cluster

The HPC3 is the latest super computing cluster implemented and maintained by ITSC with machines and equipment contributed by various faculty members. HPC3 serves as a community cluster with the priority given to contributors but also available to all HKUST research members.  The HPC platform utilize a large number of CPU and GPU processors to process computational jobs in parallel to achieve high performance and meeting different research needs.  The objective of the centralized platform is to maximize the utilization and effectiveness of the cluster by providing centralized support and maintenance of hardware, software, job queueing, user accounts and quota management.

The longevity of the machines contributed to HPC3 is contingent upon the availability of hardware maintenance services, typically extending for a minimum of five years. Starting from the sixth year onwards, the ITSC will conduct periodic evaluations to ensure the optimal utilization of computing resources.


As of July 2021, the HPC3 cluster consists 160 sets of CPU nodes, 5 sets of large memory nodes (1.5TB each) and 25 sets of GPU nodes connected with Infiniband connection at 100Gbps. The mixture of difference hardware suit different computational research needs.

Applicable research areas

Combining the high speed with massive GPU cores, the X-GPU cluster can be used for multiple disciplines, including but not limited to : Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Genomics Studies, Time Series Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Machine Learning & Data Science etc. It may help to shorten the computational time from years to hours.


High Speed Research Network

Research & education (R&E) network connectivity is crucial for researchers to transfer and collect data from different areas in the world to conduct their research. HKUST together with other Universities in HK are connected with the global exchange network which speed up the data transfer capacity between HK and all over the world.  For more details about the network coverage, please contact us at hpcadmin@ust.hk for further discussion.

What’s New

  • 27-May 2020 - HPC3 Cluster Pilot run started

  • 01-Oct 2020 - 2nd Batch of hardware have been added to the cluster

  • 01-Jun-2021 - 3rd Batch of hardware have been added to the cluster

System Infrastructure

Available To
All research teams in HKUST (priority will be given to cluster hardware contributors)
Service Fee


Service Hours