Change User Account Password

For new users, you are required to assign a password to your newly created ITSC Network Account before you can use any network services:

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students will be prompted for a new password when they perform Student Account Activation
  • Staff users or other accounts (e.g. Project account) owners will need to assign a new password by referring to the account activation email.

For existing users, you are also advised to change ITSC network password periodically. To change your password:

Change Network Password

After you have changed your network password, please refer to Reminders after Password Change

Minimum Password Requirement

  • Minimum 12 in length
  • Must contain mixed case letters and numbers
  • Cannot include username or part of your name
  • Do not reuse any of your last 10 passwords

Recommendation for choosing a password for best protection

  • Are easy to remember, so they do not have to be written down
  • Can be typed quickly, so somebody cannot follow what you type by looking over your shoulder
  • Put together an acronym that is special to you, e.g. none OTFS W? (None Of This Fancy Stuff Works?)
  • Include space or symbol, plus some deliberately misspelled words, e.g. twinZ /w9 *s (Twins with 9 stars)
  • AVOID using any of the following:
    • Your name/Your spouse’s name/Anybody’s name
    • Names of your favorite fantasy characters
    • The name of the operating system you are using
    • The hostname of your computer
    • Any username on the computer in any form (as is, capitalized, or doubled, etc)
    • Your phone numbers
    • A place
    • A proper noun
    • Other information of you that’s easily obtainable
    • A word in the English dictionary
    • A word in a foreign dictionary
    • Passwords of all the same letter
    • Simple patterns of letters on the keyboard, like qwerty
    • Any of the above spelled backwards
    • Any of the above beginning with or followed by a single digit