Why use VPN Service ?

  • You need secure access to the University IT systems and services from off-campus.

  • You need to access resources that only allows HKUST IP address to access.

  • You need access confidential data stored in HKUST Network under an encrypted path.

Key Benefits

  • Through the VPN connection, your data being sent across the Internet to HKUST Network is encrypted, including sensitive personal data and password.

  • When you are using a VPN connection, you will be assigned with a HKUST IP address instead of the one at home or while traveling. This allows you to access restricted resources on HKUST Network that are unavailable from off-campus IP address ( e.g. departmental servers and secure webpages ).

  • Use the VPN client software Ivanti Secure Access for Mobile Devices to secure wireless communications between HKUST Network and your devices when connecting to the Internet through pubic Wi-Fi networks ( in Café or Airport ).

Does all your traffic go through the VPN connection ?

When you are using VPN, only the campus traffic is send through the VPN connection that includes department servers, webpages and applications connected to HKUST Network. All non-campus traffic is send through user’s Internet Service Providers directly. This keeps your non-campus Internet activity private and conserves bandwidth on the University Network.


You need to install VPN client called Ivanti Secure Access on your device to allow you to use our VPN Service and establish the secure connection to protect the data passed between your devices and the University Network.