FAQ on Secure Remote Access ( SSL VPN Service )
Q1. Can I access library’s electronic resources off-campus using the SSL VPN service only without connecting to the EZProxy provided by library?

No, you still need to use the EZProxy to access library’s electronic resources from off-campus computers. For more information, please visit https://library.ust.hk/collections-resources/databases/ezproxy/


Q2. What should I do if the SSL VPN service performance is slow or unstable?

If you are having the issue, please be suggested to check the below:

Q3. How to uninstall and deep clean the client completely ?

Check "Deep Clean Procedure for Windows and MAC" for details


Q4. Why can't I access websites outside of HKUST that have location-based restrictions ?

The SSL VPN service designed to grant users access to restricted resources within the HKUST network. All non-HKUST applications like library external database collections, social media and video streaming websites, and external cloud services, are directly accessed through your local Internet Service Provider (ISP). The location-based restrictions on these external applications are determined by the location of your ISP.

Q5. Can the speed for accessing HKUST resources be improved ?

The speed and latency of accessing HKUST resources are determined by the original speed between your local Internet Service Provider (ISP) and HKUST. Using the SSL VPN service will not enhance the speed between these two points.