CAS with Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

After you have enrolled for two-factor authentication, you will need to login using your Account / Password and then use your device to verify your identity when you access to protected CAS services:

  1. Enter your email address and password as usual

  2. A Duo dialog prompts you to choose the way you would like to provide the second authentication factor. You are recommended to choose Send me a push.
    • Send me a Push - Sends a notification to your smartphone or tablet, and then you respond with "Approve" or "Deny", with a 1-minute time-out period (Internet Access required).
    • Enter a Passcode - Allows you to send a text with a code to your device for you to enter, or you can enter code generated by tapping the key in your Duo App (in case your mobile has no Internet Access).
    • Remember me for 45 days - When selected, no need to perform 2FA within 45 days on the same web browser.
  3. Launch the Duo Mobile app with your smartphone
  4. Tap to respond the request

  5. Tap APPROVE to access the secured service
  6. You are securely logged in.

Note: If your mobile support Duo notification, you may just response to the Duo notification by tapping APPROVE and then CONFIRM.