System Software

Cluster management software: OpenHPC 1.3 based on the CentOS 7.7 64-bit operating system
Resource management and job scheduling system: Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management (SLURM) 18.08.8

Application Software

X-GPU uses Lmod to manage software installations. With the modules system, user can set up the shell environment to give access to applications, and make running and compiling software easier. It also allows us to provide multiple versions of the same software, that would otherwise conflict with each other, and abstract things from the OS sometimes rigid versions and dependencies.

When you first log into the cluster, you'll be presented with a default, bare bone environment with minimal software available. The module system is used to manage the user environment and to activate software packages on demand. In order to use software installed on Sherlock, you must first load the corresponding software module. When you load a module, the system will set or modify your user environment variables to enable access to the software package provided by that module. For instance, the $PATH environment variable might be updated so that appropriate executables for that package can be used.