Virtual Barn Overview

This service allows you to access computer barn software and satellite printers anywhere anytime by connecting to virtual barn desktops ­-Windows virtual machines running on servers in ITSC data center – from their own devices. Advantages include high availability, power saving, ease of access and lower management costs.

** Please note that 2FA will be required to login to the virtual barn, please click here for the connection user guide

VMWare Horizon View

Since July of 2014, ITSC is adopting VMWare Horizon View as our new Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). The new solution improves the old one on the followings:


  • Shorter login time
  • Smoother and faster connections
  • Access via multiple platforms and devices such as Mac OS X, Apple iOS and Android, in addition to Windows.


This VDI now provides 3 desktop pools of software for different computing purposes like Academic/CAD/CAM/graphics and programming software. Your personal documents are shared in all pools for easy access. For access, visit the Installation Guide and User Guide to install the client software.