Virtual Barn User Guide

How to Connect to a Virtual Desktop

  1. Start VMWare Horizon View Client.
  2. Double-click “Add Server“. Type “” into the Connection Server field. 
  3. Click “Connect“.
  4. Enter your ITSC Network Account user name and password. Click “Login“. 
  5. You will be prompt to do the DUO 2-factor login, you can enter 1 for a push to your mobile or open your DUO application on mobile and copy the tokencode to the box
    Input 1 for DUO Push OR open DUO app and copy the tokencode to the input box 
  6. Double-click the desired desktop pool to connect 

Virtual Desktop Software Pools

Different desktop pool will have different set of software available. Please refer to software available in the virtual barn for the details

Saving Files on a Barn Virtual Desktop

When using a virtual desktop, each user is given private storage space of up to 8GB. Storage is shared among all three pools and comprises the following folders:

  • Desktop
  • Downloads
  • Favorites
  • My Documents
  • My Music
  • My Pictures
  • My Video

Documents saved in any of the above folders are shared among any virtual desktop of any pool. ITSC does not provide a backup solution for the space and there is no way to recover deleted files. You are therefore advised to keep master copies of your files elsewhere. All working space will be removed on the last day of each academic year.

NB: Application settings are not shared among pools, but each virtual desktop pool shares its own application settings. For example, if you make changes to Office settings, the settings will be shared among virtual desktops in that particular pool. You may need to make the same changes again in a different pool.

Adding Barn or Other Network Printers to a Virtual Desktop

  1. Click the below icon on the desktop.
  2. Select the required printer.
  3. Right-click to connect.

Printing to a Local Printer When Using a Virtual Desktop

  1. The local default printer will be redirected to the virtual desktop. The printer name will be appended with “#:n”.


Session Timeout Policy

Horizon View Client can only hold your credentials for 4 hours at most. After this time, all your connected sessions will be disconnected and logged off. You will need to login again to access the virtual desktop.