Virtual Barn User Guide

How to Connect to a Virtual Desktop

  1. Start VMWare Horizon View Client.
  2. Double-click “Add Server“. Type “” into the Connection Server field. 
  3. Click “Connect“.
  4. The VMWare Horizon Client will then close, and a browser will pop up and ask for user credentials.
  5. Please enter your ITSC account at browser with 2FA option that you've configured.
  6. Upon successful login, a new VMWare Horizon Client session will pop up and you should have logged in.
  7. Double-click the desired desktop pool to connect.

Virtual Desktop Software Pools

Different desktop pool will have different set of software available. Please refer to software available in the virtual barn for the details

Saving Files on a Virtual Desktop

When using barn desktop services (both physical and virtual), each user is given private share storage space of up to 10GB. Shared storage comprises the following folders:

  • Desktop
  • Downloads
  • Favorites
  • Documents
  • Music
  • Pictures
  • Video

Documents saved in any of the above folders are shared among desktops of virtual and physical barns.

NOTE THAT: ITSC does not provide a backup solution for the shared space and there is no way to recover deleted files. You are therefore advised to keep master copies of your files elsewhere, like OneDrive or Google Drive.

If you cannot find your documents after login a session, it's likely the session you've connected is not properly powered up. Just logoff the current session, wait for a few minutes and then re-login. You should get back the folders and files again.


Use USB storage devices on Virtual Desktop

1. Start VMWare Horizon View Client.

2. Go to Setting >>  Drive Sharing

3. Toggled off this option.

4. You can use the USB redirection feature to connect USB storage devices.

5. Please refer to here for the details.