Changes to the DUO 2FA prompt

Dear Users,

Duo is the second factor authentication service provider to secure many web applications in HKUST. The existing Duo 2FA prompt will be switched to a new user interface, namely the “Duo Universal Prompt” on 30 August 2022 11:00am. The Duo Universal Prompt provides a simplified Duo experience and helps you log in to your applications faster than before.

When you log in to an application with Duo using the new interface, Duo will try to choose most secure login options automatically. In most cases, it should be a Duo Push to your mobile device, for sign-in approval.

If you ever want to choose a different way other than the one chosen, click Other options near the bottom. Below is the upcoming change from a Duo traditional prompt to a Duo Universal Prompt:

Please refer to for more information.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Service Desk or send email to

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