Use Cases of Secure File Share

The Secure File Share Service is aimed to provide departments a secure and reliable storage workplace for storing departmental information.

Advantages of using Secure File Share Service

  • Authoritative : Act as authoritative storage to avoid multiple and outdated copies of departmental documents.
  • Reliable : Advanced hardware and server platform to prevent data loss
  • Secure : Access controls, Anti-Virus, Encryption features are in place to help securing departmental sensitive data
  • Accessible : Can be accessed from different machines / platforms

Common Usage

Departmental Shared Document Library

A electronic library for departmental shared documents. This may

  • Common operational manuals/guidelines
  • Announcements, notices, memo to colleagues in department
  • References, user manuals
  • Document/form templates, samples for administrative or operational use
Departmental Secure Workplace

A secured data store for those sensitive data/documents that will be too risky to be stored in personal computer.

  • Departmental confidential documents
  • Personnel related documents
  • Financial related documents and worksheets
  • Documents containing sensitive data that are of privacy issues

Simple and easy encryption can be achieved by saving a document with password, or compressing them into a zip file with password protection. Advanced document encryption can be achieved by upcoming release of Right Management Service (RMS). With RMS, user can further encrypt the document so that only authorized person can access, open, read and modify the document.

Departmental Team Share

A shared storage for a section/unit/team in a department.

  • Projects documents, reports …
  • Working documents