The voice messaging system gives you a convenient and dependable way to communicate with people by answering your calls when you are on or away from your desk phone. Please contact your Department’s Telephone Coordinator for voice mail activation or subsequent changes.

Once your voicemail has been activated, you can listen your voicemails in 3 ways:

1. Listen to your voicemails via Desk Phone

You can follow the Voicemail User Guide to listen to your voicemails via the Desk Phone

2. Listen to your voicemails via the Outlook client

An email is sent to your ITSC network account when there is new voicemail.  You can click the attachment to listen to the voice message.

3. Listen to your voicemails via the Telephone Web Portal

You can listen to the voice messages by accessing "Voice Mail" in the Telephone Web Portal.  For details, please refer to the Telephone Web Portal User Guide.