Virtual Server

ITSC’s Virtualization as a Service (VaaS) offers low-cost virtual servers hosted on top-grade hardware in secure datacenters to HKUST departments. Using virtual servers brings cost and manpower savings along with increased flexibility and reliability.


Saves space and manpower
No more OS installation or hardware maintenance required.

Fast delivery
Get your server up and running in a day or two instead of waiting for weeks or months.

High reliability
Our virtual servers run on highly redundant hardware in our secure data center, with continuous hardware and service monitoring. The servers are protected by VMWare vSphere High-Availability Cluster. In the rare case of server hardware failure, virtual servers will be automatically restarted from another physical host. Downtime is usually minutes.

Cost effective
There is a nominal fee for enterprise class hardware. Standard daily backup and disaster recovery are bundled without additional cost.

Environmentally friendly
Multiple virtual servers can run on a physical host. This saves electricity and cooling. In addition, ITSC mainly uses blade server with low-power components at the backend, further reducing power consumption.


Flexible virtual server configuration
Several standard server configurations are available to meet different workload requirements. You can also customize server configurations with additional CPU, memory or disk space.

Web-based management interface
You can power on/off or reset the virtual server through a simple web interface.

Performance statistics
Data from the virtual server’s real-time and historical performance are accessible online so you can ascertain system resource usage and plan for upgrades.

Service-level monitoring
ITSC can work with you to monitor service-level response time for your systems, ensuring end-user experience meets expectations.

Daily backup and disaster recovery
All virtual servers are backed up daily using VMware Data Recovery. The software supports disk recovery even on non-bootable systems. File-level restoration is supported on all Windows server platforms and major Linux distributions. Backups are stored on SAN disks, ensuring reliable restoration. Standard daily backup retains seven daily backups, four weekly backups and three monthly backups. Extended backup is available for an extra charge.

Server migration service
ITSC can help migrate existing physical or virtual servers to our system, saving you from system setup and data migration when moving to virtual servers. This service is currently free.