ITSC Data Centers

Two Data Centers in Main Campus Building are operated by ITSC - they are called the Main Data Center and Colocation Data Center,  Energy-efficient design, leading-edge In-row Cooling and Hot Aisle Containment technologies are adopted in order to align with the sustainability goal of the University by reducing the overall power utilization and carbon footprint in Data Centers.

Main Data Center -  In 2019, ITSC has established a New Data Center with 204 square meter of raised floor space and 71 equipment rack capacity. The New Data Center is intended to cope with the new requirements in High Performance Computing (HPC) and provide a highly reliable Data Center environment for hosting the Central Network and IT Infrastructure.


Colocation Data Center - In October 2020, a New Data Center called Colocation Data Center has been established by ITSC that is intended to provide a high level of reliability and availability environment for housing Departmental servers and related equipment. The Colocation Data Center has approximately 157 square meter of raised floor space with 60 equipment rack.

Please read the ITSC Colocation Data Center User Policies for the details.