Getting Help for Wi-Fi Services

The following section tells you how to receive help on using the five different Wi-Fi services: eduroam, Alumni, Universities via CSL, Universities via Y5ZONE, and Wi-Fi.HK via HKUST.


Before calling for help, consult the FAQs as answers to most common problems can be found there. If you still cannot fix the problem, seek assistance from:

  • Student consultants at computer barns. You may check availability on barn noticeboards.

To avoid delays in responding to your problem, please provide the following information to the student consultant or to ITSC:

  • Full name and email account
    Your name and your email account
  • Wireless MAC address
    For mobile devices, e.g. 02608C59A21B
  • Types of computing device
    Include the brand and model, e.g. Notebook, smart phone
  • OS version
    E.g. Windows 10, IOS 9.0.2, Android 5.1.1
  • Applications/services affected
    E.g. Emails, video streaming, web browsing
  • Problem time and duration
    E.g. 2 October 2015, 11:00pm-12:00am
  • Location problem occurred
    E.g. Hall 1, library
  • Description of problem
    For example, signs, error messages, etc. A clear description is important to assist student consultants in identifying and fixing the problem promptly.
  • Action Taken
    Give a brief description of action tried. E.g. if you have followed steps in the FAQ, let the student consultants know. The FAQ are often updated to keep users informed of the latest developments, so please cite the “last modified” version used. This is located at the end of the FAQ.
  • Day-time contact phone number
    Please include a daytime contact phone number. If the problem cannot be fixed remotely, you may be asked to bring the machine to the ITSC Helpdesk for further examination.

Visitors from other eduroam institutions should check with their own institution’s IT support.


If you experience difficulties accessing the Alumni service, try the following:

  1. Reset your Alumni Account password, using details found at
  2. Ensure you have followed the steps to configure the wireless devices (remember that the SSID is case sensitive).
  3. If the problem persists, email to for assistance.
Universities via CSL

If you have difficulty setting up mobile devices, visit our Helpdesk or email for assistance. For difficulties accessing a particular CSL Wi-Fi Hotspot, contact CSL Wi-Fi Customer Service Hotline on 1833833 between 9am-9pm.

Universities via Y5ZONE

If HKUST students and staff experience difficulties in accessing Y5ZONE Wi-Fi, visit our Helpdesk or email to for assistance. If Y5ZONE customers have access difficulties, call the Y5ZONE hotline at 8226 2582.

Wi-Fi.HK via HKUST

If you have difficulty accessing the service, please email for assistance.