Use Policy for Long-Serving Retirees / Leavers Account
  • HKUST is a non-profit educational institution and the use of its facilities, including computer and network facilities, is limited to the educational and other non-commercial purposes of its students, faculty, eligible staff and affiliates.

  • Accordingly, computing and networking resources and the ability to use an email address for Long-Serving Retirees / Leavers are privileges extended to ex-members of the HKUST community, within the available resources of HKUST - they must be exercised in conformity with all applicable HKUST policies, guidelines and all applicable laws.
  • Email for Long-Serving Retirees / Leavers is a service provided for HKUST eligible long-serving retirees/leavers for the purpose of personal communications, and should not be used as a channel for providing commercial services.
  • Email for Long-Serving Retirees / Leavers is offered as a free service to HKUST eligible long-serving retirees/leavers. The University reserves the right to set a charge for this service in the future.
  • All users are expected to observe acceptable standards of behavior in using HKUST computing and networking services. Please read the Acceptable Use Policy and Personal Information Collection (PIC) Statement carefully before proceeding to create your Email for Long-Serving Retirees / Leavers.
  • The use of this service is subject to the discretion and scrutiny of HKUST, and/or in the event that HKUST becomes aware of a violation of policy or law, HKUST reserves the right to disable this service for our users or take other action as deemed appropriate by HKUST.
  • If any person has any doubt as to the applicability of the policies and guidelines referred to herein, such person should contact before taking any action.
  • Persons who do not want their activities to be restricted by the policies and guidelines contained in this document, are advised to contact commercial internet service providers.