Windows 11 at HKUST


Windows 11 is the latest Windows desktop operating system. It comes with a refreshed look, plus changes and new features that boost security, productivity, and management. 

As of Nov 2021, Windows 11 is rather new and may take time to mature. There are bugs and compatibility issues yet to fix, We recommend interested users to try it out on their secondary desktops.

Microsoft is rolling out the new operating system in phases, users may wait for automatic update to bring their primary desktops to Windows 11.

Evaluate Windows 11

To get your hands on the new operating system, you may upgrade or reinstall an existing PC/Laptop. An even better option is to purchase a new one with Windows 11 pre-installed. Some advancements need latest hardware to realize.

System Requirements (for Upgrade or Reinstallation)

Windows 11 requires relatively new CPU (PC within ~3-4 years) and TPM 2.0 to run. To determine whether a PC supports the latest OS, the easiest way is to download and run the Microsoft PC HEALTH CHECK APP

Be reminded to backup all existing data before upgrade, just in case the upgrade runs into a problem. For those going to reinstall the system, buying a new harddisk for the upgrade would be a viable option.

Get the Installer

ISO installer for Windows 11 can be obtained here. Product activation will be done automatically when connecting to the campus network.

Tips & Tricks

We are collecting Windows 11 related issues and tips. You are welcome to share your experience by email to 

  1. I don't have PC with TPM 2.0. Can I still run Windows 11 to evaluate other aspects of the new OS?
    • Yes, for details, please check out here. Beware that such configuration is not supported by Microsoft and may not work with future updates. It should be strictly used for evaluation only.

  2. I purchased a PC with Windows 11 Home Edition. Can I upgrade it to Windows 11 Enterprise?

    • Yes, details below:

      • Complete Windows 11 Home setup.

      • Make sure the PC can connect to Internet.

      • Apply Windows Updates and make sure no more updates are available.

      • Run changepk.exe and enter the Windows 11 Enterprise KMS setup key NPPR9-FWDCX-D2C8J-H872K-2YT43 (more info) or the MAK. If there is any error, reboot and try again.

  3. During Windows 11 Home setup, I'm asked to sign in with a Microsoft Account. Can I use a local admin account instead?

    • Microsoft Account is more secure than local admin account, which usually lacks required administration. If, for some reason, a local account is preferred,  you may follow steps below to create it:

      • Disconnect the PC from network before proceeding the setup.

      • At the step "Let connect you to a network", follow this to skip it.

      • You will then have option to create a local admin user instead of forcing to use Microsoft Account.