Windows 10 at HKUST


Windows 10 is currently the most secure desktop platform from Microsoft. We recommend Windows 10 64-bit edition as the default Windows desktop OS.


All ITSC recommended PC vendors offer Windows 10 with new PC purchase. If user would like to upgrade existing PC to Windows 10, ISO image of Windows 10 installers are available from the Download Server. They can be used for creating installation media or upgrade.

Endpoint Protection

With the maturity of Windows Defender on Windows 10 and its simple interface, we recommend it as the default security and threat protection option.

Upgrade Considerations

System Requirements

PC purchased through the HKUST PC Tender exercise in the past 4 to 5 years should be capable of running Windows 10 64-bit edition for general use. Power user may consider to upgrade the harddisk to SSD disk, at around HK$1k, to give the system an extra boost.

Fresh Reinstallation or Upgrade

When migrating an existing PC from an older operating system to Windows 10. User may choose between reinstalling the system from scratch or running upgrade on top of the existing setup. We suggest to backup all existing data and perform a fresh installation. This usually gives a little performance advantage and a cleaner system.

Even better if there  is an alternate disk for installing Windows 10. User may then keep the old harddisk for some time to ensure all the data has been migrated to the new harddisk.