Usage help on HKUST ChatGPT
  • Open a New Chat when you do not need a continuing conversation. This could help to save the consumption as it won't waste tokens to process unrelated chats history.
  • Adjust the Chat configuration like Temperature, Maximum response tokens and Context depending on your need.
    • Temperature - The default values is 0.5. Higher values like 0.8 will make the output more random, while lower values like 0.2 will make it more focused and deterministic.
    • Maximum response tokens - The maximum number of tokens of the response for each input question where 1 token is around 4 chars in English. Note that the token limit is 4096 inclusive of the chats history and context.
    • Context - On starting a new chat, choose from templates your most relevant context and make further change in the textbox. Please remember that the context cannot be changed once the chat starts.
  • You can name the Chat by click on the pencil icon next to the Chat (e.g. Chat0, Chat1, etc. with a meaningful name)
  • Upon finished the chat, you can either Export Chat or Delete Chat.
  • Contact ITSC Service Desk for assistant