Connection & Setup

Bing Chat cannot read PDF file

Please turn on the Sidebar Bing Chat settings in Edge

  • In Edge, select Settings
  • Select Sidebar, and then select Bing Chat
  • Turn on Allow access to any webpages or PDF

Failed to start to use Bing Chat

To start using Bing Chat in your computer, the following steps are suggested.

Bing Chat cannot start. Error message: Wrong region.

Users are suggested to connect to Bing Chat again with VPN. Then follow the steps below to connect to Bing again.

  • Clear the cache of the Microsoft Edge browser
  • Sign in to Microsoft Edge with a personal Microsoft account


General Usage

Does Bing Chat or HKUST ChatGPT system support other languages such as Chinese?

Yes. The systems support other languages. However, their proficiency may vary across different languages.

Can we use voice to input?

Voice input is supported in Bing Chat.

How to summarize a document longer than 2000 words?

Save the document as a PDF file and then drag to Edge browser. Then perform the summarization through Bing Chat Assistant (the b button on the top right corner of the Edge browser).



University policy on use of generative AI tools

Refer to Guidelines and Principles on Using Generative AI for Higher Education

What is the security and data privacy terms of Azure Open AI service?

Refer to Data, privacy, and security for Azure OpenAI Service - Azure Cognitive Services

Is HKUST ChatGPT available to HKUST alumni?

HKUST ChatGPT is available only to HKUST community including student, faculty members and staff.