ChatGPT Use Cases

ChatGPT is a powerful language model that can assist you in various tasks. To make the most of your interactions, it's important to understand how to craft effective prompts. Below are some examples of prompts for ChatGPT.

Content Creation

Draft emails

• I need to write an email to a colleague to request more information about Project A. Can you help me draft a concise and polite message?

Correct grammatical errors

• Review the following text to correct any grammatical errors

   [insert your text here]

Change the tone of an email

• Change the following email to a professional tone, and make it more concise

   [insert your text here]

Propose an agenda

• Can you propose an agenda for a briefing? The topic is "ChatGPT Introduction" and the target audience is administrative colleagues.  We want to promote the use of ChatGPT in order to increase their productivity

Write a summary

• Can you write a one-page summary for this policy?

(use Bing Chat Assistant on the top right hand corner of the Bing Chat, it can give you reply based on the content of the current web page)

Write a keynote

• You are the administrative staff of the Provost office.  Can you write a keynote for the open ceremony of the AI office?

Build CV and Cover letter

• Please help me write a cover letter for a Software Engineer position at Microsoft. I want to highlight my skills in Java and Python, my experience in ChatGPT, and my recent successful projects at my current company.


Information Retrieval

(recommend to use Bing Chat for up-to-date information and easy fact checking)

Provide product suggestion and comparison

• Suggest and compare document scanners for use in an office

Search for information

• List out the contact information and addresses of the UGC-funded universities in HK

Categorize and summarize information

• Can you help to categorize the following open-ended comments from users' feedback of a service satisfaction survey?

   [insert users' comments here]

Identify key points

• Can you identify 3 key points?

(use Bing Chat Assistant on the top right hand corner of the Bing Chat, it can give you reply based on the content of the current web page)

Research on Information

• Can you explain the concept of quantum science?

• Can you give me some good reference link for this topic, [insert your topic here]?

Test and Exam Preparation

• You are a Computer Science professor of a course called "fundamental java programming",  can you give me a quiz of fundamental java programming?  Please also specify the answers.


Developer Support

Debug program code

• Debug the following program to the codes

   [insert your codes here]

Explain code

• Can you explain the following codes?

   [insert your codes here]

Troubleshoot error

• What is the root cause of the following error log?

   [insert your logs here]

Generate comment

• Can you write comments for the following code?

   [insert your codes here]



You may provide specific details or examples within your prompt to receive more targeted and actionable suggestions. Please remember that ChatGPT can assist in generating insights and providing analysis based on the data provided, but it's important to validate the results before using them.