Transfer HTML files

You can transfer your personal home pages from a local PC to the personal home page server using FileZilla. However, you will need to establish a Secure Remote Access (VPN) connection before you can upload the files to the personal home page server for security reasons.

  1. Invoke the SSL VPN client Pulse Secure (see VPN Client Installation for installation)
  2. Connect to HKUST Remote VPN using your account name, password and approve the connection using your mobile device (Using Secure Remote Access (VPN) with 2FA).
  3. Start FileZilla.
  4. Enter the specific host name:
    • For Staff / Emeritus: s
    • For Student: s
    • For Student Society: s (Old: s
    • For Alumni Association: s (Old: s
  5. Enter your account name and password in the Username and Password field
  6. Click “Quickconnect” to start the connection.
    Alternately, enter the required information in the Site Manager... under the File menu and click Connect:
    • For Staff / Emeritus: s
    • For Student: s
    • For Student Society: s (Old: s
    • For Alumni Association: s (Old: s
      e.g. for Student:
  7. Select to Trust the host when prompted
  8. Select the required directory and move the files from “Local Site” to the public_html folder of “Remote Site”.

More information about navigating on the server using FileZilla can be found here.